Eff Blog Themes, I just want Memes

Ok I suck as a blogger. I was gonna try to be good and then… I just got busy. Exciting news though is that I started training some new clients who will make some AMAZING transformations!!! Can’t wait!! I get so excited when people have that spark!

So since I suck at blogging I’m not going to stay on my themes… they’re ideas, and I’ll hold them to that and revisit them once in awhile. Today I just wanna share my last week with you, mostly from my Instagram account …and some not. Enjoy!




a nasty ass banana and some organic home grown kumquats!! I need to go shopping!


Maybe it’s the Guatemalan chick in me, but I love me some weed tacos.  jk ..Pureed steamed spinach with egg whites and lil salsa, cook, put on tortillas, put the lid on, fire on low, 5 minutes later, perfect crunchy tortilla. Hella Effin Healthy.




Whateva floats your boat!


My handsome 3 yr old Ben! He’s been into doing hand signals in pictures…

Not sure if that’s a good thing.


MMMMM I love Diet Coke. 1-2x/week


I’m so bad, I’ve never taken my sons to a real ice cream parlor. We went to Leatherby’s with the cuzzos. I think they’re having a good time. My boys are on the right, one with the purple jersey, the other doing the gang hand sign.


2nd grader tipping back in chair with arms inside shirt = face plant


Progress Shot from a week ago, just rolled outta bed so lookin lean n mean.


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