Meal Prep Foods


 Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

My Meal Prep!

I don’t enjoy cooking so what you’lI see are the basics. For me, measuring and having accurate amounts of food  is easier when you cook everything and just plop on a plate. I don’t make a healthy pizza…. too much work. Yes I am VERY lazy in the kitchen. I get exhausted just thinking of cooking a fabulous meal. Anyway, here are my staples. Seasoning the food before cooking is a must (for meat and veggies) ….much more flavorful without adding onto it later.  I am very easy to please when it comes to food… as long as I’m not hungry. 🙂  I make enough to last M-F and usually make a few things Friday morning for the weekend. My family eats mostly what I eat but they add maybe bread, sauces, and dairy.

What I made today:

  • 3 Dozen Boiled Eggs

  • 40 oz Ground Turkey, half seasoned with taco seasoning, other half cilantro & onion

  • 6 Chicken Breasts, in the crock pot on low seasoned with Mesquite seasoning.

  • 10 small baggies of almonds

  • Fruit ready to go: Apples and Strawberries

  • Veggies ready to go: Sliced red bell peppers, celery sticks, cucumber, lettuce, red and green cabbage

  • Steamed Veggies: Huge Costco bag of broccoli, 10 zucchinis, huge Costco bag of green beans, and asparagus.

  • In stock: Natural PB, rice cakes, wheat free oats, almond milk, salsa, lemons, corn tortillas, brown rice, protein whey.

Have a great week ahead!!!

🙂 angie

2 thoughts on “Meal Prep Foods

  1. i prep sundays as well and all 5 of us bring a lunch to work/school each day that includes a fruit bowl. i buy a fresh pineapple every week and mix pineapple chunks in with the apples & strawberries. the pineapple juice keeps the pre-sliced apples from browning. a tip i got from my mom that i now swear by!

    • I swear your mom is the best… I still remember the tip about putting PB on both sides of the bread for a pb&j so the bread won’t get soggy. 🙂

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