Baby Workouts

427877_10150661019139471_1237047825_nI’ve always been a big fan of making children workout til they can’t move. You have to take it to this point so you know their muscles are completely fatigued, this’ll allow for max muscle repair and growth.  This is Ben when he was two, he did some sprint work first and then tire flips for 15 minutes. It was about 95 out so I made sure he drank plenty of water, mixed with a little Gatorade since he was sweating so bad.

If I didn’t do this then my kids would grow up to be lazy and not know what work ethic is.

I feel all parents should make their child workout from a young age. Starting when they start walking, have them just carry a dumbbell around so they get used to it.

If you are in need of any ideas for baby workouts…. feel free to contact me!

angie 🙂

j o k i n g

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