Peak Week! Governors’s Cup 3 days out

If you follow my ‘micro-blogging’ on  Instagram then you may have already seen these.

 If not, here are some foods that I’ve recently LOVED and some updates on progress!



The love Omelette, because you will fall in love with it.

I had grilled red bell peppers ready to go (makes them sweet and a little char mmm) asparagus,chives, green onion, black pepper, lil cilantro. OMG too good and salt free. I have about 6 egg whites in this.


I call this ” Turkey Pepperoncini Mustard Towers”

Can you tell I’ve been watching cooking channels.

Perfect snack!


Mahi, Cauliflower, Broccoli, with green onion, dash of salt, and pepper. #fitfood


Zach plays comp soccer, busy schedule… had to do a parent fail one night and take him to Costco for dinner (on the way home) I watched. 😥


Working on my routine. No one has seen it. Might show my husband before so he doesn’t pass out at the show.

lol jk it’s not like that…


Tickets are bought and ready for my fans. Effin pricey man.

I think it might be to keep the people who just wanna see almost naked girls out….

nah, they just wanna rip us off.


My hair is looking good for not being brushed in 20 hrs, sleeping on it, having it up all day, and being post workout.

… plus not washed for 4 days… BOOM #miracleshappen


This will be my savings grace this week. Had to stop ALL salt intake this week….

my show is in 3 days!!   

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