Results from Fresno Classic Bodybuilding Show

My show came and went! What’s next? Jr. USA’s in South Carolina on May 24th! Completely across the country! This is a national show that you have to qualify for, winners receive an IFBB Pro Card!! PRO STATUS…Then I can do Pro events which have top grade competititors. It’ll be my 4 th show and 10 months into me doing this, if anything, it’ll be a helluva experience.

Anyway,  here’s a little Diary of events. ;0)

FACT: I can be annoyingly cheap… trying to save a few bucks and I end up in the ghettoist hotel in Fresno. Thought is was cool at first other than the smell, but the longer I stayed the worse it got. i.e I had to wear sandals the whole time, the carpet was clammy. Also, I shouldn’t know that a past visitor had long brown hair.


Those pillows on the bed were terrible. The sheets felt like paper, and no I didn’t use the top cover. Threw it on the clammy floor…hope they washed it.



Here’s probably why the carpet was clammy and why to room smelled weird. Leak.


I know I look weird, stage makeup… gotta see it from afar and under bright lights, might not look too much like it but I am HELLA DARK!



Backstage shot with another competitor and friend, Hillary! Also my coaches Mike and Trish Wood from Iron Addiction.



Just hanging out showing muscles and skin 🙂 Buff girls on the side.



I won! My first win! I won in my class and overall. props to your homegirl! *fist bump*

Hard Work and Dedication = Me Happy.

Look behind me. LOL

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