Starts Monday! 8 Week training for Run for Courage

Get in shape for a good cause, and with a fun group!

Run for Courage, Folsom CA. September 27, 2014

Be a part of the 5k with Team Body Rock!

Click here to  sign up!  Look up “Body Rock” and register. You will be added to my team roster, verify all contact info is correct so you can receive team communications!

Training plans are available for $50 with all monies going towards our team fundraiser. This is not mandatory in order to partake in our group. Go solo and join us for workouts in Aug/Sept (more info below). If you are interested in a plan they are tailored to your current abilities and include both running days and  strength training days, the amount of each will depend on your assessment. Training Plans are 8 weeks long.

Plans will be emailed by Saturday, Aug 2nd. First official running day is Monday the 4th.

To get training set up, Click Here and fill out the form on the bottom of the page. I will contact you and get you started!

If you partake in the training plan,  I am offering Meal Plans for $50… You cannot out train a bad diet. Meal plans are made after a review of your eating habits, history, and preferences.   I work through paypal/check/cash.

Free Before and After photos, including measurements with purchase of Training Plan & Meal Plan. I will hold you accountable and work to get people results. I want you to succeed! Unlimited support through phone, email, text. etc.

How training will work: Take the training plan on your own for the first month and then join us for a weekly workout the last 4 weeks before the race. TBA location. Hoping for Oakridge High School Track in EDH Sunday AMs. Either way, workouts will be Sunday at 8AM  Workouts are $10, and again go to our fundraiser.  

These will be tempo runs, which are high intense intervals, the worst to do but much needed for running improvement  🙂

 Motivation Necessary…. = ME  🙂

Why the 5k option?

1) Because I like Muscles. Faster, Shorter races shape your body. Unlike long distance races where it is very easy to lose muscle size because of adaptation.

2) Doable time commitment for most individuals.

3) It’s fun to run fast.

Any Questions?

contact me by filling out the form at the bottom of this page


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