Get October!!

Fall is here! For many and myself this is a favorite seasonal change. The weather is cooling and new routines are starting to set in.

I was in the gym locker room the other day and I overheard two young college aged girls (I sound so old saying that) talking about getting “summer ready” ….after New Years -yes already talking about it when summer just ended! LOL  I kinda smirked to myself because I started thinking about my crazy summers, well, what I can remember from them anyway 😉

Then I started thinking why people wait to get “SUMMER READY.”

I’m here to tell you to just get “Life Ready” ….like all the time… why let your jeans get tight? Why give up for a week – play catch up – give up – play catch up. How stressful!   If you need something else to motivate you maybe one of these will do the trick….

Oktoberfest Ready

Halloween Ready

Thanksgiving Ready

Holiday Party Ready

Christmas Ready

New Years Eve Ready

Valentine’s Day Ready


Did any of these give you a little spark?!  I’m sure everyone dresses like this right. 😉 In reality this isn’t what someone should set their goal as. I promote being healthy and strong, period…besides I’m pretty sure I can crack any of these girls like a walnut with my thighs.

October is a great month to REVAMP yourself. Think of what you’ve failed to do this summer. Why you failed. How you felt when you failed. Lastly, why it’s important to you not to fail.

I’m kinda assuming you failed in something aren’t I! For those of you who are like, “Why does Angie think I’m a failure?” …. and you’re not… challenge yourself to go +1 this month.

OK. Have something?

Tomorrow is OCTOBER 1st.

Write it on your fridge, make a game plan, and make the promise to yourself that you are going to accomplish that goal.

Be strong, smart, and courageous.





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