Get Leaner by Dropping These Five Habits


– Needing to finish your plate and or eating your kids leftovers.

Sometimes you really do just serve too much! Slow down and eat mindfully. Don’t eat your kids leftovers, you’re not a dog!

– Saving fast food coupons

Just throw it away! It’s not even an option!!

– Going down the chip/cookie/snack isles

Avoid the temptation all together.  Once it’s in the house… nom nom nom

– Dropping the “I’ll do extra cardio tomorrow” excuse

Playing catch up, not seeing results fast enough = frustration = nom nom nom

– Having a ‘Cheat DAY’

NOM NOM NOM…. a whole DAY?!!  Change your lifestyle to well rounded health….

a treat here and there is totally acceptable, WHEN you’re consistently on plan the rest of the time!


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