Fun and Efficient Cardio: Jump Rope Routine!!


Don’t neglect the power of the jump rope! Jumping Rope makes your muscles work in quick pulses, increasing your heart rate, scorching fat! There are different ways to jumping rope, get creative and have fun.

If you’re new to jumping or haven’t had any high impact activities in a while, starting slow is a must. Start with just a few minutes, 3-5, landing on both feet. With more experience you can increase your time and eventually graduate to single leg tucks!! ūüôā

Note: A JUMP is when you take off and land on 2 feet. A HOP is taking off and landing on one foot.

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[1]            Figure 8 the rope from shoulder to shoulder 2 complete times, then School Girl Jump 4 x

[2]            School Girl Jumping, 2 small jumps before jumping over rope

[3]            Single Jump, one jump per rope swing

[4]            Jog the rope, alternate legs with each swing, you can literally jog like this if space permits

[5]            30 sec right foot hop, 30 sec left

[6]            1 figure 8, 2 school girl jumps

[7]            High knees jog, bring knees high, slow rope down if needed. One swing for every step. Lean                        slightly back.

[8]            School girl jump

[9]            Single Jumps with half squat at landing, slow rope down

[10]          30 sec left foot hop, 30 sec right foot hop

REST 1 minute!
repeat 1 more time!
A jump rope is great stocking stuffer!

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