Don’t Let This Happen To You!


Sorry, Naughty word.

But this is my state right now. I’m in a sling. I can’t put my hair in a pony, unless my husband does it…. Can’t peel veggies, chop food, open jars, wash my right arm, fold laundry…

The things I can do take forever. Vacumming… cord gets in the way – stop vacuuming move cord continue for 10 sec, repeat. Dishes, organizing. BLAH.

I’m not in my groove. Even if I laugh too hard my shoulder moves so I have to stop laughing. WTF.

Here I am, making workouts for people wishing I can do them. Sitting…being jealous.

Good news though, wait never mind.

My husband said yesterday that no one is expecting anything out of me right now (FYI I had shoulder surgery and am recovering, FML) … the thing is, I expect something out of myself. I feel so useless, bored, BLAH.

Don’t get me started on the HOLIDAYS. bahumbug.

For now I try to tell myself to heal, do my therapy… which is lame. Not being able to lift your arm at all sucks, even when you’re trying your best.

So I look forward to the future, when I can think of how I felt at this moment, after I get a PR (personal record)  in something… a 5k, a squat, a clean?


For now I just look forward to that moment.




Angie the Grinch






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