Body Rock’s 8 Week Challengers: Training for Results!

Almost 2 weeks in for our first group of 8 week challengers and SO FAR SO GOOD!

Just somethings I’ve been told:

“Angie, I love your plan”

“I’m Happier”

“I’ve lost 6 lbs”

“I’ve never eaten so much”

“I thought I was gonna Die on the Stairmill”

“I’m Sore”

“I haven’t craved Sugar”

“I feel more Energetic”

AAHHHH nothing makes me happier than making people happy and fit!

We are building muscle, getting shape, losing fat. BAM. Summer Ready.

I’ve had people inquire about the 8 week challenge AFTER it started, got me thinking to make a new 8 Week Challenge Program with participants scheduling their own start date and gathering their own group of friends to commit with them!

If that sounds like something for you, inquire in the “Start Training” tab and I’ll be in touch!


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