My go to Condiments


Quick Post! Don’t forget about these add in/condiments when wanting some flavor!

Oatmeal: I always add cinnamon and stevia.

To veggies/lunch/dinner items:

Pico de Gallo / Salsa


Low Sodium Soy Sauce, eating well means you are not eating lots of high sodium foods, soy sauce is ok.

Avocado: This needs to be added to your calories! 2 tbs = 50 cals, 4 g of fat. Great on toast.

Cilantro: My Haven

Hot Sauce: Cholula/Tapatio/Sriracha


Seasonings, any with no sugar added


Olives, green ones my fave

Low Sugar Ketchup

Fage 0 % Fat Free Greek Yogurt, instead of sour cream, watch servings size 1tbs= 16

Grated Parmesan: A little goes a long way so doesn’t add much calories. I like to top my broccoli with it.

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