No More Pencils, No More Books


Loving summer vacation so far, Zach will be going into 4th grade and my little Benny in Kindergarten… Not sure how I feel about that.

Like I said recently, I dropped most social media, other than this site and my random running apps and Pinterest. At first I had the itch to check FB, but after 2 weeks I couldn’t tell you if I actually thought of it again til now.. I’ve been liberated!

To keep busy this summer my family is of course working on all sports, anything with a ball. We are also cooking a lot, BBQing, reading, freshening up on our Spanish, and making it a point to do Art. My kids have their daily chores, a few school related subjects to work on, and uhh…yah summer vaca!

My new shoulder is healed up and I am finally able to move like I used to! …couldn’t do  that overhead squat for years.  I am looking forward to training my way, which is  more performance based and not on weight/looks, that will come if I work hard enough, which won’t be a problem.

Life is good.

Are you a Binge Eater?

Wanted to share this article on binge eating. I have had people tell me about their cheat meals/cheat days, but what it ends up sounding like is binge eating.

I of course am not perfect and encounter uncontrollable urges to stuff my face with something amazing and usually, terrible for you. I try to be aware of why it happened etc… usually it was 2 crazy kids acting CRAZY or not eating my meals on time…. so I’m starving!

Try to learn from each encounter. Also don’t 100% limit ANY foods if they make you happy. If you want it, go for it in healthy portions…. just keep progressing to your goals in a healthy manner.

Article:  Binge Eating Disorder