New Years 8 Week Fitness Transformation!!

new year

 January 5th-March 1st 2015!

Yes, this can be done completely online!

Commit and amaze yourself with how your body can change in 8 weeks!

[ ] 3 Assessment Dates for Accountability
  • Before start date
  • At 4 weeks
  • At 8 weeks
[ ] 8 weeks of custom strength and cardio workouts, using equipment you have available (wks 5-8 made during 4th week after 2nd assessment to see where we need to take you)
[ ] Meal Plan made based on you stats, preferences, and goals. Using real Food!! I don’t believe in selling branded products.
[ ] Unlimited Support. Questions always pop up, email, call or text
[ ] Weekly Newsletter with Tips, Motivation and Team Body Rock News.
[ ] 8 Week Challengers Fitness Community on Body Rock FB page, instagram, and Twitter. Show us what you’re doing! When Fitness is social it works a lot better!


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