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Work for a goal, not to lose weight

 Personal, Group, &  Online Training – Group Challenges

Online Training: 

  • Meal & Workout plans sent to you in PDF after initial assessment

 EVERYTHING you need to eat for results and to hit the gym with the right training!

To begin, call me at 916.765.6640 or email

I do not sell product, i.e  beachbody, herbal life. 

*Plans include beginning assessment and 4 week check-ins of inches/pictures/body fat.

Online Meal & Training Plan Pricing

 1 month/$99          2 months/$169/$79ea            3+months/$69 per month   

Meal Plan Only  $50

1 Hour Studio Training:

Group Training:  Get a group of up to 4 to push each other! 

 1 session $60       10 sessions $450/$45ea       30 sessions $1200/$40ea

*48 hour notice of number of participants is required and liability waivers signed before training.
*mobile training + 20%

1:1  Training: Train smarter and harder than you thought you could have.

 1 session $50         10 sessions $400/$40ea          30 sessions $900/$30ea

 *mobile training + 20%

Check-ins: Done every 4 weeks of inches, body fat, and pictures

*included in all pricing