Summer is Good


Loving summer vacation so far, Zach will be going into 4th grade and my little Benny in Kindergarten. πŸ˜• Not sure how I feel about that.

Like I said recently, I dropped most social media, other than this site and my random running apps and Pinterest. At first I had the itch to check FB, but after 2 weeks I couldn’t tell you if I actually thought of it again til now.  I’ve been liberated!

To keep busy this summer my family is of course working on all sports, anything with a ball. We are also cooking a lot, BBQing, reading,  freshening up on our Spanish, and making it a point to do Art. My kids have their daily chores and have a few school related subjects to work on, math for Z and a letters & numbers for Ben.

My new shoulder is healed up and I am finally able to move like I used to (like that over head squat πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to training my way, which is to be an athlete. 👊👟💪💯

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