Jennifer Blakemore,  Roseville, CA.  One of the biggest & scariest decisions I’ve made…decide to put myself & my health first! I couldn’t have done it without Angie! She’s been there for me every step of the way & kept me motivated! I’m excited to see how much further I can go with her help & support!


B & A 12 weeks, Online Training

Jessica Simon,  El Dorado Hills, CA.   “If you really want to look and feel your best you NEED to talk to Angie! She knows her stuff and will get you the results you want. TOP-NOTCH!”      February  2015

Wendy McGlaughlin Roth,   El Dorado Hills,  CA.    Angie knows her stuff and is very motivational!! I love her!!    June 2014

M Samantha Nester Goldman,  El Dorado Hills, CA.    Angie the founder of BodyRock is so knowledgeable and encouraging!!! I’ll never forget how much she helped me this year to meet my fitness & health goals. Thanks so much!!!!   May 2014

Michelle Mays,  Rancho Cordova, CA.    Angie is a die hard exercise and health expert. She is knowledgable in all areas of fitness and is always willing to help in maximizing your true potential.     June 1014

Jodi Shockley Robinson,   El Dorado Hills, CA.     I can’t tell you how amazing Angie is! She is so supportive, always there for you for anything, incredibly knowledgeable, funny, REAL, and the list just goes on! If you’re looking for a trainer to help you turn your life around I absolutely recommend Angie!! I’ve seen results after just 2 weeks with her! Not only how I look but how I FEEL!! I’m so much happier and have a better outlook on my future!    March 2014


online training client, Jodi!